The Passion Collective

passion collective - A number of individuals working together with a compelling emotion or feeling

The Passion Collective.

col·lec·tive- a collective body; a gathering; a collection of extracts; a number of individuals working or acting together.

pas·sion- any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

pas·sion col·lec·tive- A number of individuals working or acting together with a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

It was a November afternoon that I sat on the front porch of my local cafe and deeply thought about an idea; Nothing out of the ordinary as I did this often and much. I drank lukewarm coffee and discussed with some old acquaintances the idea of a group of young adults putting together a “Rolling-Stone” type magazine/website; To tell you the truth, many talented people laughed and shook off the offer, for that I am deeply saddened because they’re going to miss one hell of a ride. I proceeded to reach out to all different types of people from all different walks of life, many haven’t even met yet. That is the beauty of it. It’s as if I'm placing together the pieces of a puzzle, slowly but surely. Our generation is in need of something refreshing. Our brains will race and our eyes will quickly process what lies before us. What lies before us is The Passion Collective, a collective production founded in New York. It will be fueled by talent, hard-work, and most of all passion. It will only work if YOU contribute your piece of passion to the puzzle. Everyone is passionate about something. I, Zachary Franck have selected a group of unique individuals who all bring something to the table. From poets to journalists, photographers to bloggers, sports enthusiasts to hip-hop heads, I promise you that there is something for everyone. I truly believe in this and I believe in you. This project will stay true to it's name, always.Unlike other websites/magazines,The Passion Collective will actually make you think. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Buy the ticket, Take the ride”. Please join The Passion Collective as we all embark on this journey together; Why would you watch the puzzle being built when you can help build it!?

The Mighty Metropolis: A Sunset Stroll Over The Bridge

I gaze at the mighty metropolis as it sits upon an unforgettable Hudson River horizon. Overcast skies lay across the top of dark blue and black waters. In the distance, cotton candy clouds float through the slightest tint of the palest pink I've ever seen. The brightest star in the sky burned steady and patient as it slowly set. On the banks of New Jersey, foliage filled cliffs scream back at the towering steel structures that scrape away sections of the sky. With a broken camera on my phone the only thing left to do is write.. to take creative notes of this truly breathtaking view. Standing, suspended thousands of feet over a frigid Hudson River on a massive stretch of steel and concrete has my spine stiffened straight. It's almost overwhelming at times, to walk across the bridge at sunset. To look over the edge. As I reach the island of Manhattan, I'm greeted by a few pairs of tennis courts, besides them lay a snakelike set of railroad tracks. Trains transport millions of human beings in and out of the mighty metropolis. Next to them are the various on and off ramps of the West Side highway, straight ahead apartment buildings with clusters of fire escapes and rooftops sit. The view is nothing new to them. Now the sky is a pinkish orange. It sits in layers and acts as a backdrop to the skyline that I seem to love so much. As the sky falls and shadows fade to black, the city lights turn on by the thousands. They glow throughout the youthful night sky like fireflies on a summer night upstate.

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